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Lately, the Web started shaping around that fact – mobile-friendly web design with pages automatically accommodating to look perfectly on the device is now a must.


The AMP or so called Accelerated Mobile Pages came to life in order to give a flawless access to the online content even in such a bit harsh conditions.

What are AMP Pages?

AMP is a set of rules and limitations in terms of how a web page should be structured in order for the page audience to be able to almost instantly start reading the page. This way we get better performance and satisfied visitors.

You might ask yourself how a busy web designer can find the time and resource leaving everything aside, learning all the new stuff and gathering enough skills overnight in order to start developing the web sites demanded?

One of the solutions is AMP Website Builder

What is the solution?

The answer of this question lies in so called Website Builders that automate all the repeating stuff to a simple and intuitive visual interface close to the regular desktop software we got used to.

Free Download

Download AMP Website for free and start creating lightning fast pages right now.

AMP Website Builder

Pages created with AMP Website Builder are completely responsive and AMP complaint and the very best part is that practically everyone can create them in a fun and lightly manner.

Why AMP Website Builder?


The AMP Website Builder is easy and intuitive so that you see and work on the actual way the page will appear in in your browser.

Visual Control

You can even choose Desktop, Tablet or Mobile view to be always aware your super new site automatically adapts and gets displayed on any device.

Easy to Use

Once you have figured out the contents needed – just click right inside the text block and edit it like you would do that in your regular text editor – as easy as that.

Embed images

In case you do have some bigger or out of the needed proportion images to include in the project – AMP Website Builder got you covered as well.

Customize easily

Cropping and resizing to the desired dimensions gets fast and easy with the built in image processing feature.

Ready solutions

There also is a vast library of great imagery content, you can easily look something up from there using the convenient search function.


AMP Website Builder is ultra-flexible and evolves every day. Now the application comes out with multiligual interface and due to this the app has the strong community forming around it.

Since the AMP Website Builder is developed in a way to be enough for you to finish all tasks needed.

As all AMP Website Builder features it's quite intuitive and easy to set up mobile pages. The app supports also FTP and GitHub Pages.

The Publishing tool allows you to directly publish your project to your free account wherever you want.

You can easily preview or publish the whole project to your local hard drive at any time.


Rich library of sections

The library of predefined sections is so vast. You have a choice for any case and it perfectly fits your vision by altering literally anything if needed.

Latest features

The application has become even more user-friendly including some really awesome features like the ability to manage the entire site's appearance with just a few clicks.

Media and icons

There are great headers, contact forms, articles, maps, testimonials, galleries and features sections along with YouTube and Vimeo sections and 8700 great looking icons.

AMP Validation

The HTML gets automatically generated and passes Google's strict AMP validation meaning higher ratings with no extra efforts, placement of the pages in the so called Carousel results.

Free Download

AMP Website Builder is free of both personal and commercial use – you can easily download it and use it as much as you want with no limitations for number of websites or pages within them

How does it work?

Drag and drop blocks

Just create a new project, opem the Sections Panel and select one of the predefined sections of the vast library presented there with intuitive preview pictures. They are all quite flexible, just drag and drop them in its proper position.

Adjust styles and parameters

Open the easy Properties panel by clicking on the "Gear" button. Use the Properties panel to change the section exactly as you want – adjust its layout, background appearance, experiment with different colours and fonts including additional features for the entire site by just accessing the "Styles panel" in just a few mouse clicks.

Edit your content

If you want to replace an image, just click on it to bring out the Images dialog. Here you can include your own images or use some from the Online library. Crop and resize the chosen picture. When you're ready to insert some text – do it just like you would do in your regular text editing software. You can also drag sections around with the "Arrows" button anywhere you want.

Preview or publish your AMP website

What you see in the AMP Website Builder is pretty much what the page will look like in any modern browser. Switch to Desktop Tablet or Mobile view at any time using icons above and preview the different appearances without leaving the app. Preview or publish what you've done so far at any time – locally or directly to your server by just hitting "Publish" at the right top app corner. 

Video Tutorial


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AMP Website Builder is free of personal as well as profit use – you can easily download and use it as much as you want with no restrictions for number of websites or pages!

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